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Chicken Whisperer

chickenWhisperer350It’s not that I don’t like the animal called CHICKEN. It is just that I thought we could live contentedly without them to tend to. I certainly could. She certainly could not.

And so, since I only seem to hold 49% (or less) in this corporation, we have chickens. And so having them to cluck after on an hourly basis (I watch, she clucks) I have to make the best of it and enjoy the zoology if not the husbandry of herding chickens.

We obtained these from some neighbor-friends. We have five young birds: two Black-Copper Marans that literally rule the roost and not quite won over to our close contact, and three Easter-Egger / Dorking mixes–two blonds and a brunette.

The two blondies are Laverne and Shirley. They were quick to make friends. I hunker down in a squat, and one or both jump onto my knee, or lately, my shoulder or the top of my head.  Laverne here was giving me an ear-full. (More poultry portraiture soon.)

So if you drive down our road and find a grown man squatting inside a cage, adorned in chickens, you have found the Chicken Whisperer of Goose Creek working his magic. (I wear a cap when I whisper, just in case there might be a little chicken accident while Laverne presides up top.)

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