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Fragments from Floyd

Coffee, Tea or a New Book?

Okay. I’m off to work today, not my usual but the clinic is closed tomorrow for Easter. In my absence, please note the NEW page up top above the header–the Goose Creek Press “STUFF” page.

The Wizard helped me get the PayPal buttons onto a WordPress page (made far too difficult by the online “tutorials” I found). So please somebody test this puppy by being the very first to place an order. Thanks, Wiz!

I need to field test this page now while book requests come in ones and twos, so I don’t end with high volume problems later–when the requests come in twos and threes.

There are a number of folks who would rather use a credit card than write a check or send cash. All those options are open from

Check’er out! I gotta go.

5 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or a New Book?”

  1. Congrats, Mindy B, you are the FIRST to use the new PayPal button and apparently it didn’t crash and burn. The Joy! Yours will be in the first batch, and I’ll try to say something about your early birdy-ness! Thanks! Fred

  2. Works real well…Sure beats the mail…Though I always liked sending the check to Check.

    Since I couldn’t get that strange commenter over at my blog to go ahead and order me a copy I just had to do it myself.

  3. May not have been first and may not have gotten a review in on time – but looking forward to being a proud owner of a second First first edition. Congratulations!

  4. Much appreciated, all, and please when you get your books–if you find them enjoyable–do share the forms, links and copies with friends. I’m doing this thing one book at a time, so each one counts, especially until I shrink the volume that 1000 books will take up in this old house. I’d just throw a checkered table cloth over a dozen cases and the ANNex would look like a cafe!

  5. Much easier …. I’ve had the order form printed out for two weeks but was just too lazy to print out an envelope, write out the check and stick a stamp on the envelope. I look forward to reading your latest!

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