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Coming Up For Air

Mohegan Bluffs in New Shoreham
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I’m  thankful coming up for air from under the choppy surface of Narrow River was never required, though stopping at the  top of a long hill on Block Island for gulp of the gas was necessary a  time or two. I’m pleased (and very surprised) I’ve spent a number of  days mostly outdoors without sunburn, only one blister, and no more  complaints of aches and pains than the usual.

I will have much  to digest (not to mention a pile to sort through on my desk) after my  very memorable trip to NY, CT and RI, and have not many but a few  pictures to process later today.

The kayaking and biking and  especially the consumption of seafood were all successfully achieved. It  will take some time to readjust to the slower pace and land-only diet  of Goose Creek. Ocean State indeed. I shed a number of preconceptions  about Rhode Island on this trip.

There are a lot of great places  to live in this country. I’ve visited another one of them. About which,  much more later when I’ve dug my way back to the day-to-day surface of  life in the valley here.

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5 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air”

  1. Wow. I missed reading anything about this big trip. When you fill us in, please start from the start, with the when where why who how.
    P.S. That photo looks like the California coast.

  2. My dad ran a lobster boat out of Point Judith RI when I was a kid, block island was one of my favorite places. Beautiful place, but too much $$$$ out there for me.

    Hope you had nice visits.

  3. Did you manage to see any of the restored wind mills in Rhode Island? I went there years ago and liked the state very much but was disappointed when I went on a tour and the tour guide couldn’t identify any of the trees!

  4. I believe I took a pic from this same spot………Did you go down the wood stairs to the bottom of the cliff?

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