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Fragments from Floyd

Conversion Experience


I am in need of a conversion experience. Amen-ah.

I need to convert a 75 mb Powerpoint with transitions and music and voice audio into FLASH. There are a lot of good reasons to do so.

And there are quite a few bits of software to do this, but only the high end ($250) would preserve slide animations–fade in, dissolve, and such. This is likely a one time need, and maybe I just need to bail on this notion and move on.

Still, I have thought of a couple dozen people and organizations to send a self-executing, cross-platform, compact and professional-looking one-click file of this 15 minute / 60 image “visual essay” program (fewer than half the images appear in this thumbnail of the thumbnails.)

It might find a receptive audience in schools, in civic organizations and churches. I spoke last night at a meeting in Floyd with Beth of the NRV Land Trust about it. It would work nicely for their purposes and goals of making folks aware of the role of place and nature in the quality of life in our region.

Hmmm. I may ask around. Might be some local agency has the conversion software and would let me convert my package this once. A small fee would be fine, and sure beat $250.

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  1. Have you thought about just recording the PowerPoint to DVD? Granted 15 minutes on a DVD leaves a lot of storage space unused, but this way you have even more playback options and you will probably preserve image quality better. I am sure there are plenty of places around that could do that. Doug probably has the capability now…

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