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Could You Live on a Dollar a Day?

Is this right? Almost one in 10 Americans is on food stamps?

This article in Forbes by Tom Breen goes on to state that during this summer and fall in West Virginia, the average monthly foodstamps benefit was about $100 a month. Is that per person or only per household?

If the latter, for a family of three, that’s a buck a day for food. Can it be done?

Here’s a couple of teachers who set themselves the goal of seeing what kind of diet could be sustained on only a dollar a day per person. The serious undertaking has gained them a good bit of attention–and no small amount of soundbite media fluff, too, of course.

It will be interesting to see both where their diet and health go (might we expect a BiggySize Me sequel called WeenySize Me?) and also if they can leverage their new visibility and voice by way of their blog and the press coverage to make a difference. Follow the Dollar a Day Project, why don’t you?

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1 thought on “Could You Live on a Dollar a Day?”

  1. That’s a really interesting blog, Fred. I imagine that when this terrible recession ends, many people will have changed their habits permanently. Staring down disaster tends to do that to you. I do think folks are going to be a lot more interested in doing for themselves. They will also be watching to ensure that the government helps them do that instead of engaging in foreign adventures and bailing out wealthy people. Is it January 2oth, yet??

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