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Fragments from Floyd

Country Girl

Here Comes the Sun

For a while, the mechanics of the new blog platform will overwhelm any expressive urges and efforts. It will be like driving somebody else’s car, or cooking in their kitchen. I know what needs to be done and where I want to go. I just don’t know where Word Press keeps its spatula.

I’ve fumbled around here trying to make this image centered using the edit-image dialog and couldn’t do it. There. The center paragraph seems to have done it. Next time this simple everyday task won’t use up so much early morning (and pre-coffee I might add) energy. Baby steps.

The image is from what few images I have here on the laptop, but it seems appropriate to the setting of the day. We’ll be making a five hour trip back from Carolina with Abby, who can hardly wait to see Tsuga-dog. And chase butterflies in the meadow. And “fall” in the creek.

Her grampa is looking forward to exploring the familiar through six-year-old eyes, and to the certainty of bringing home some kodak moments to share.

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  1. the most wonderful days of my childhood were spent in Floyd co. in my grandma and grandpa’s creek going towards dash and run. We still come yearly and I place my feet in the creek! I’m 53

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