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Definitely: An OH CRAP Moment

“The CSIRO scientists set out on a 10-day experiment to infect ducks with a South-East Asian strand of avian flu to better understand the risk to Australia.

On Monday, the final day, scientists realised a filter was missing from one of their protective suits, centre director, Dr Martyn Jeggo, said.

“On day 10 when we were completing the experiment and humanely killing the ducks and doing postmortems, it was discovered one of the workers did not have a filter in her head suit,” Dr Jeggo said. The BIG OOPS.

2 thoughts on “Definitely: An OH CRAP Moment”

  1. Lord! That reminds me of the time I was watching GMA and they were showing how they administer flu vaccine (I think it was). The doc absent-mindedly re-filled the hypodermic a second time and gave it to another person. On-lookers were appalled! I thought they would fire him as their medical spokesperson, but they didn’t.

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