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Fragments from Floyd

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

This is a ‘spearament. Time’s coming when more of my blog message will have to come in a non-manual form: speech to text and recordings. (That story coming soon.)

So I’m experimenting with options other than podcasting to get audio files up, just for fun (and as a form of torture akin to the playing of Barry Manilow music that was used to drive Manuel Noriego out of his stronghold. Sorry, might have been another form of Muzak.)

The YETI microphone sits permanently on my desk beside the keyboard now. I just discovered the greasemonkey script to make GrooveShark show lyrics. And there was the Everly Brothers rendition of DREAM. I always thought they needed a third brother on that one. So I was him. (sic)

SoundCloud isn’t working for me as a desktop app (from the Apple Store) but I was able to use the online version to upload the overdubbed file (created in Sound Studio) and here you have it. I need to learn more about balancing tracks and normalizing tracks and such, but here’s The Third Everly Bro, with apologies.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”

  1. Nice pipes you got there Fred.
    Also, you are right; the Everly Brothers did need a third brother and now they have one if they want him. Are they still alive? Seems to me Phil had passed and Don was still around. Guess I’ll go to Wiki leaks and do a search, just for my own info and curiosity.

  2. Loved it! My older sis went to high school with the Everly Brothers at West High in Knoxville, TN. In my day, 6 years later, “Wake Up, Little Susie” was a favorite song with my peers. I can still sing all the lyrics, I bet. Your voice and the recording both sounded as perfect as I am cabable of hearing with my imperfect hearing. Your techie talk sure was over my head!!

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