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Easter Visitor

jesusknockingI was remembering an Easter post from a few years back, and intended to repost it but never found it: an image of brilliant white bloodroot (which began blooming up the New Road just a few days ago) across the words were written: He is risen!

I wasn’t able to find it, but did in my search find this blog post about the “real Jesus” of Warner Sallman–the painted face and form that most Christians and non-Christians alike SEE in their mind when they need an image for the name.

You can read the 2008 Easter post and the story of the  familiar painting here:

Face of the Real Jesus


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  1. Your 2008 entry was a lovely thing to read this Easter Sunday. I have not been in a mainline Protestant church in at least 10 years, but I have been a member of Unity, which considers itself Christian, and honors Jesus as the Son of God by all sorts of metaphysical explanations. I have been very comfortable with this move, because I never was able to “get” the explanations of Jesus offered by traditional Christian theology, no matter how liberal the church. In any event, belated haapy Easter.

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