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Fragments from Floyd

End of a Full Year

Let’s see: since late November…

Fragments Notecards files to printer; Reunion in Mobile; Thanksgiving; Winery book signings x 4 days; Wytheville Rotary; two Floyd Press columns; book cover and interior text revisions complete and sent off; NPR essay recorded; cover and text files to Lightning Source; Dec 17 massive gathering on Goose Creek; book proof for second edition arrives 23 Dec; Christmas Day; POD files approved; eBook briefly considered; kids home with us two days; and the kids just left in two sad waves, and the house is silent, be it ever so jumbled, and I am left to consider a new year just the other side of the weekend.

Somehow, instead of being overwhelmed, I am invigorated.

To have had reinforced time and again these past four weeks how immensely blessed I am in my children, my wife, my home, my county and these times in my life has left me energized. While hate and destruction seem to dominate the larger world, with my health and senses and the few things I know how to do and feel compelled to do, to photograph and to say, I can be a force for good, a channel to the beautiful and meaningful in this tiny corner of the world, a light in a dark place.

We all can–can swim against the current of our times, rise above the swells. Hope floats, I hear. This moment, I feel buoyant. And thankful.

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