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Father’s Day One More Time Around

I sent off four books today, three of them to fathers for Fathers Day, June 17. That’s a good feeling, because last year, books found good homes for this special day for dads. From a couple of those father-readers I heard how meaningful, comforting or encouraging they found the book. And of course, that scored points for the book-buying son or daughter!

Now’s the time. Send your order for Slow Road Home by email, pay by check or paypal. I’ll put the book in the mail upon receipt of either. Need more than one copy sent to two or more recipients (your dad and your husband’s)? Just let me know by the email address in the sidebar here or on the book website.

If you’re a Floyd Press reader, you’ll have to wait. Here’s a link to the shorter version of this Thursday’s column: a Father’s Day Toast / Roast of this blogger by his son, Nathan. And with his permission, I should add. Click this link to read, and it’s okay to go there just to look at the picture (from 25 years ago!)

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  1. Nathan’s toast/roast was sooo good. Thanks for sharing it (again?). What a good father-son friendship is glimpsed there.

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