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Fragments from Floyd

Floyd Town at Night

Today is one of those days that He Who Hesitates is Hot.

Better get out to the garden while the soil is not saturated and the air is only 85% so. Gonna be a hot one, but we’ve been blessed with relative cool so far this summer.

The daily rainstorms (whose excesses have largely missed us in Goose Creek) do make for some nice towering cumulus. We mostly can’t seem them here in the valley as they rise at the base of the Blue Ridge escarpment in Stuart, Ferrum or Boone’s Mill to the south.

But this one down near Martinsville was evident on night a week or two ago as we left Oddfellas.

So once again, instead of more words of marginal interest, a photo for you. Now, to the weed patch!

2 thoughts on “Floyd Town at Night”

  1. I envy you! We, in the Pacific North West, are just beginning to feel some warm weather (at last!). Fortunately, when the summer is so late, the warm weather will hang around well into October.

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