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Fragments from Floyd

Following Gustav

Of course everybody is following the weather, some more than others. With a storm of that size, not many families in the county don’t stand to be touched in some way–if nothing else than by the spike in gas prices ahead, even if it is only the fear of landfall and oil rig and refinery damage.

If it were not so deadly it would be fascinating–the amazing power of the heat engine that creates these storms is simply a concentrated version of the mechanism that drives our weather every day that we tend to take for granted.

We’d be in a pickle without the mixing machinery, but it is very inconvenient when all that energy gets that organized and moves where we live. Hard to believe how very warm the Gulf waters are in the Carribean.

Lots of good sites out there covering the weather in general and Gustav (and soon, Hanna) but StormPulse is one I’m looking at, at the moment.

Hard to believe I got so distracted with following this story this morning I forgot to blog. (Don’t forget the pants. Don’t forget the pants.)

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  1. I thought I had found all the different sights but I had not found this one. It’s a good one. If we evacuate from New Orleans, we’re coming to stay with you and Ann, keep the porch light on or pray really hard Gustav goes elsewhere, preferably someplace not populated.

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