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Fragments from Floyd

Fragments: Words in the Pix


This is a gallery of images from the blog in 2005 (don’t know why I didn’t do the same thing for 2006!)


If you’re stuck, writers, for something to say, here’s a suggestion (that would perhaps have gained altitude in blogging years past. These days, well…)


Scroll through the images. Find one that seems to draw a tale out of you–or at least a creative caption.  Feel free to use the small image in your post. Right click and save it. Write your story. Send me the link to it so I can send other readers your way. Come on! Out of these three hundred-plus images, your 600 word yarn is in here somewhere!

1 thought on “Fragments: Words in the Pix”

  1. Fred, these images are superb, and I find myself wanting to pack up and move down your way and into the mountains. Do you know of an unclaimed (and unnamed) winding waterway and a few hundred unoccupied acres (with lots of trees) somewhere in Floyd County?

    Here it is, the beginning of August, and your images of winter, Tsuga and fresh snowfall are arousing a feeling of longing that is almost impossible to express. I can’t wait for autumn, winter and all their riches (no deer flies).

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