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Fragments from Floyd

FRESH: The Movie. In Floyd. Tonight.

Will Allen's Growing Power in Milwaukee
Will Allen's Growing Power in Milwaukee / SEJ 2009

Sorry for the short notice, things seem to be happening around here at the speed of light.

Just recently released, FRESH: the Movie will be showing FREE at the Floyd Country Store tonight, Wednesday October 28, at 7 pm, the public is invited.

About the movie:

“We all know about the problems with the American food system, but what about the solutions? FRESH is a bracing, even exhilarating look at the whole range of efforts underway to renovate the way we grow food and feed ourselves.” – Michael Pollan

“We all just watched FRESH…and we were mesmerized and empowered. Every American needs to see this. You will capture hearts with this. I can’t wait to sit in an audience watching this. It is absolutely masterful. ” – Joel Salatin

About sustainable foods (as defined by Vermont’s Sustainable Food Laboratory and discussed at…

We define a sustainable food system as one in which resources (including natural resources such as soil and water, as well as human resources such as labor) are used at their rate of recovery. We define a sustainable food and agriculture system as one in which the fertility of our soil is maintained and improved; the availability and quality of water are protected and enhanced; our biodiversity is protected; farmers, farm workers, and all other actors in value chains have livable incomes; the food we eat is affordable and promotes our health; sustainable businesses can thrive; and the flow of energy and the discharge of waste, including greenhouse gas emissions, are within the capacity of the earth to absorb forever.

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