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Fragments from Floyd

Friday Shorts 02-27-2009

☼ Today at work I get to upload two or more patient evaluation file attachments into GMail at once. Whooop! Yesterday, GMail (in partial appeasement for their Tuesday morning near-death experience–a 3 hour outage for most of the world) announced multi-attachment uploading. ’bout time.

☼ The dog found yet another deer carcass–some weeks after the end of hunting season. It was the day after a night of coyote carrying-on. The carcass was fresh (the dog, bloodied from his enjoyment thereof) and only the hide, head and extremities remained. When I went back the next day to drag it down the hill so the dog wouldn’t get into it again, only the rib cage remained. Don’t tell me buzzards flew off with the head!

☼ This huge editing job I’ve been working on lately has been so drastically much simpler than the job of the same size and complexity underway exactly three years ago today on Slow Road Home. The Mac, particularly the organizing software, Devonthink Pro, and being able have that and Photoshop and InDesign and a half dozen other programs open for days at a time without crashing is a big part of the success and (relative) pleasure of this effort, technologically.

☼ What to do. I have essentially the interior of the book completed in draft, ported crudely into InDesign and converted into pdf. I could potentially carry this to kinkos and have them print copies to send out. Or I could send the digital files. But will I even bother seeking pre-publication endorsements for the front page and promo material this time? How important is that, I wonder? I don’t think I’m pushy enough to ask folks I don’t know terribly well to lend their name to an unknown author from Erewhon. We’ll see.

☼ Dang. Cold weather still with us again and cold rain coming over the weekend, so my thoughts of bringing in a load of the dry-dead stuff we’d drug down the hill to extend our woodpile a bit isn’t going to happen. We’ll be busting up the furniture soon. Ready for spring.

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