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Fragments from Floyd

Frosty Morn

Frost and Sun: October Morn
Image by fred1st via Flickr

Frost is so heavy on the pasture grasses it looks like snow. And the sun has taken me by surprise, coming an hour earlier than it did a few days ago, so not sure I’ll be able to get pix. But I’m gonna try. (This image from same time last year.)

Meanwhile, here’s a short video of some of the carrying-on at the Floyd Country Store at this week’s Radio Show. The dancing, and other more visually-oriented activities, came in the hour after the official on-the-digital-air portion of the show.

Dancing Good Time: Floyd Radio Show First Saturday Every month

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2 thoughts on “Frosty Morn”

  1. Frost on the grass would be nice. If we actually had much grass here that is…We actually made it down into the 30’s last week but, today the temperature is a balmy 69 as I have my morning coffee.

  2. snow? I thought for a minute you had snow
    but in the absence of snow a good frost will do
    I have high hopes for more snow this winter, since coming back to the UK we’ve had three years with snow, which I think is perfect

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