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Giving and Getting Back: Sustainability

First before I forget: Let me remind you to join us at 6pm tonight at the Community Market for the annual Pot Luck Membership Dinner. If you’re not a member but are interested, or just want to come be a part of the evening and learn what’s happening now and in the future with the organization, do come.

My small part of tonight’s program includes a two minute brief on a potentially important new program now in “working group” status. It has variously been called the communications or the creative working group.

It arose out of a recognition of the untapped creative potential of our membership and advisers and kindred spirits. We will be exploring ways to share stories from the heads and hearts of those who are working to promote a healthy land ethic and ecologically-mindful economy. More about that perhaps tomorrow.

Meanwhile, and as part of that story-telling and sense-making of place, we now have a SmugMug account for images and videos that we hope will become part of our “scrapbook history of sustainable practice” in Floyd County, encompassing the range of artists, old and new farmers, and entrepreneurs that make up our diverse community.

One early collection in the Sustainfloyd Events folder is the recent Potato Digging by three classes of Floyd County elementary students. You can see that gallery by clicking on the button below:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#a1dcea” color=”#1f1717″ size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: pagelines” icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”1px 1px 0px #000000″ desc=”Join us tonight at the Market Pot Luck!”]This gallery will become one of MANY recording the times we share celebrating, sharing, eating, planting and harvesting. The respect and care we show the soil and water comes back to us in healthy foods, sustainable soils and forests and the well-being of our children.[/su_button]

2 thoughts on “Giving and Getting Back: Sustainability”

  1. I see you chose Smugmug! I have a suggestion. We don’t select “slideshow”, as you have. Viewers can scroll through at their own pace if you choose (the other option whose name I have forgotten). That ‘s the one we use and the viewer scrolls through the photos vertically and manually. I am too impatient for slideshow format.

  2. Haven’t checked in lately and glad to see you’re still at it. I’m always interested in hearing from “them that’s doin” as we used to say back in the day. Can’t wait to show the potato digging photos to my husband who is working to spearhead an organic hoop house/garden at Pennsylvania’s smallest school.

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