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Fragments from Floyd

Glue Down That Toupee

…and tie down the cat.

In the last fifteen minutes, we’ve gone from sunny calm to ominous gray and brooding stillness, a crouching, threatening kind of peace–just ahead of a very sharp frontal boundary that will pass through southwest Virginia and hereabouts obliquely overnight and on into Tuesday. NOAA’s language makes me think I’ll go ahead of Ann with the truck and the chain saw for a ways tomorrow when she heads off to work.

And I will discourage our local and habitual walker from venturing into wooded areas tonight, you can be sure!

sustained winds of 25 to 40 mph with gusts up to 70 mph will occur tonight through Tuesday. winds of this magnitude will
likely down power lines…tree limbs…and uproot entire trees. wet soils will only add to the danger of falling
trees…as the root system will more easily pull out of the ground.

motorists should exercise caution while driving in the warning area. be alert to sudden gusts of wind which may cause you
to lose control of your vehicle. extra attention should be given to cross winds when driving on north to south oriented
…if you must venture into a wooded area tonight through Tuesday…be especially cautious for falling limbs or trees.

2 thoughts on “Glue Down That Toupee”

  1. The snow falling looks lovely but…if the power goes out I’ve got the water jugs filled, the firewood stocked up and the flashlights and candles set in strategic places throughout the house. Just to torment myself I checked the forecast for Death Valley for tomorrow and it will be a pleasant 79 degrees.

  2. fun! 🙂

    we had torrential rains all last night and lots of flooding today…don’t know if we are expected to get more of this system or if it’s already passed.

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