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Google Earth: You Have Been Assimilated

It’s not just software anymore. Google has claimed full ownership of the planet.

Well, not exactly. But they will be issuing a Google-flavored browser tomorrow called Chrome.

My curiosity is somewhat dampened by the fact that I won’t be able to play with it, if the scuttlebutt is correct: no Mac version.

It would have to be pretty darn snappy to lure me away from Firefox and all the plug-ins I use there. But then, when you own the planet, snappy seems in the realm of possibilities.

Read about it on the Official Google Blog.

In Google We Trust is not yet the official motto of the US. But it ain’t over yet, either.

4 thoughts on “Google Earth: You Have Been Assimilated”

  1. It’s true, no Mac version just yet, according to the Google blog. I’m a dual-platform home office, so I’ll to load it onto my PC in the meantime and give it a whirl. Firefox has been my mainstay for years, but FF3 and its buggy new bookmarking system has made me start thinking about other browsers. We’ll see if Chrome has enough to offer to woo me from Firefox.

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