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Fragments from Floyd

Goose Creek Dog Sledding

Click the still image to go to the short video at SmugMug.

It’s a whole nuther world out here.  We make our own kicks–even the dogs.

Girls just wanna have fun.

This slope above the creek was a much faster slide a few days earlier when Gandy could get a good ten foot downhill run, with the help of a little squiggling and foot kicks.

Feather, OTOH, just does not have the pelt to make for a good dog-sledder, but she is enthusiastic and always tries to keep up.

1 thought on “Goose Creek Dog Sledding”

  1. Your blog has degenerated to the point of my Facebook entries. All of them are funny pet videos that I “Share.” I get lots of great political items, too, but I rarely share them, even though I enjoy getting all of the ones I agree with. I even like to read what “the other side” has to say for themselves. Always interesting. But I have Facebook Friends on both sides of the aisle, and I don’t want to add aggravation to their day.

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