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My last annual checkup was in 2007. So I don’t suppose I can be too miffed the doc wants to see me again before he’ll refer me even to the dermatologist for a routine visit.

But I want blood work in hand when I see the doctor in a couple of weeks, so am having blood drawn today, and have to be NPO for 12 hours to do this, and I’m not a happy camper.

I just took the dog on a longer-than-usual walk (staying inside near fridge-temptation is harder than sitting on the front porch) and, passing the garden, reflexively popped a cherry tomato in my mouth, but spit out the second one when I remembered (and only after thinking that was the best tomato I might ever have tasted!) Do you think that will skew my blood sugar numbers?

I was going to wait until about 11 to get to the doctor’s office but I don’t think I’m going to hold out that long. I have a long list of stuff to do before a 1:15 meeting in Christiansburg. The first stop will be a Panera Bread for coffee and a bagel! I’ll likely add to this post from the road between Best Buy (my keyboard died) and K-Mart (my watch died) and the camera store to look at the Nikon D300 and D700.

The problem with living so far from stores of any kind is that, when I get to a real town, my list is usually a little long, and I feel like Shopping Man–a role I don’t wear very well, here in the “mindful consumption” half of my life.

Isn’t this the kind of blah-blah-blog post that gives blogging a bad name? My apologies, but I’m too antsy and shaky to be very creative at the moment. Move over, Jerry Seinfeld, you’re not the only person who can create something about NOTHING.

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Fred First holds masters degrees in Vertebrate Zoology and physical therapy, and has been a biology teacher and physical therapist by profession. He moved to southwest Virginia in 1975 and to Floyd County in 1997. He maintains a daily photo-blog, broadcasts essays on the Roanoke NPR station, and contributes regular columns for the Floyd Press and Roanoke's Star Sentinel. His two non-fiction books, Slow Road Home and his recent What We Hold in Our Hands, celebrate the riches that we possess in our families and communities, our natural bounty, social capital and Appalachian cultures old and new. He has served on the Jacksonville Center Board of Directors and is newly active in the Sustain Floyd organization. He lives in northeastern Floyd County on the headwaters of the Roanoke River.

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  1. We did the Christiansburg thing yesterday. Even hit Best Buy. Hope we are set for at least a week before having to leave the thriving metropolis of Meadows of Dan. By the way, it’s perfect today on the mountain. Come visit.

  2. Fred,

    It sounds like something to me. You should try to hang onto real words despite the new age trend. I’ll guess NPO has something to do with limited food consumption or fasting.

    I don’t feel guilty for not participating in shopping as a hobby. I know this makes me evil in an economy based on consumption but it is a sustainable model that works for me. Yes, my pent up shopping for NEEDS can result in some anxiety related to too much shopping on those rare occasions.

    Planning is a lost art, or should I say skill?

  3. NPO is a medical acronym for “nothing by mouth,” from the Latin “nil per os.” Don’t worry…I don’t think Fred hasn’t taken on the abbreviation habits of the texting, younger generation.

  4. Thanks Yvonne. Institutions are worse than text junkies, or at least the equal.

    I believe ICE was first used to mean In Case of Emergency. Now it also means Immigration (not sure) Enforcement. I’m not exactly sure why that needed to be changed from the former INS unless I’ve forgotten that. Immigration Naturalization Service?

    Its so prevalent in some corporate business that it’s difficult to find anyone that even knows what the acronym means. It’s often a sorting device rather than effective communication to the common folk.

    I had a small paperback from the earlier days of personal computers. I think the title was something like, “How to Fake your way in the Computer Business”

    HAND 🙂