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Fragments from Floyd

Help Me. Someone? Please…

It’s true that misery loves company, but I never had an idea I would become one of the lost–the MacAddicted zombies searching for more of the juice that Macs give us. We need it, must have it, cannot go on without it.

We need help.

Some people claim to be addicted to their Apple products. Turns out it might be true. Everyone always assumed that Apple gear (iPods, Macs, iPhones, etc) have sold well because they are well built and user friendly, but a recent police investigation has determined that they are actually infused with small amounts of LSD, that the user absorbs slowly through their skin, creating a sense of wonder and euphoria.

I love April.

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  1. I suppose all the LSD gets absorbed after a while. That’s when the “New” feeling wears off and you start craving the next model.. 😉

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