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Fragments from Floyd

Horse Pull Fundraiser

Next weekend (September 15)–as part of the Floyd Harvest Festival and County Fair–a horse pull will be featured at the Jacksonville Center. It begins at 1:00 and will serve to raise monies toward the forest-stewardship purposes of the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation. You can read more about HHFF here, and below, a few words from Jason Rutledge, president, about next weekend’s events:

These are honest horses that pull out of heart and desire. This is what these horses do, just like Border Collies herd, Labradors retrieve and hunting dogs hunt. So please feel invited to come out and see some of the best horses and horsemen in the county, state, nation and world for that matter. This is a special event that displays the rural heritage of our region. It is often defined as taking the best of the past to make a better future. Your being a spectator makes you a part of it. If you have never seen this before, we hope you are curious, if you have, then you will probably be there.

The pull will begin at 1:00 pm at the Jacksonville Center on the south side of Floyd on Route 8. It is expected to last about two hours. The shuttle bus will bring you there or you may drive directly to the center.  This is a fund raising event to benefit the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation. There is a $5.00 entry donation recommended for adults, children 12 and under admitted free. We hope to see many of you there and for this to become a part of the tradition of the Floyd Harvest Festival.

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