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Fragments from Floyd

House Hunting from Space


The beauty of the Great Time Suck called Internet browsing is that every once in a while you stumble upon (hmmm…nice term) something potentially useful.

HotPads isn’t something we’d use towards finding the place we belong, because we feel like we’re already there. But for those exploring future homeplaces–and for my daughter newly into real estate sales in SD, HotPads seem quite useful.

Matter of fact, I find the site useful if for no other reason than for its Microsoft Virtual Earth renderings of the landscape. Satisfying the voyeuristic curiosity of home sales prices is just an added bonus. And if I WAS looking for a house, getting an idea of the terrain, proximity of any given home to rivers, mountains and forest would be an important bit of info.

Picture is a screen capture from HotPads high over Floyd County, and my, there are lots of places on the market, and places I didn’t know there were places!

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2 thoughts on “House Hunting from Space”

  1. Those “nests” of houses look ominously like new subdivisions like me. Am I just being paranoid?

  2. Nice new tool. Just what I needed Fred.

    I’ll need all the new tools I can find, to pull off my next move, with 3 hyper Siberians in tow!

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