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Fragments from Floyd

Idle Hands: Not!

Yes, I must confess: this was one of those very rare mornings when I was in town, I was at home, and I was even sitting at the computer and did NOT post to FFF.

But lest you think I’ve lost the will to blog or have otherwise gotten lazy, I direct your attention to the bottom of the right sidebar to the little strip display of the notecards in Set Number One.

I’ll be heading over to Wordsprint in my old home town of Wytheville on Monday to make the final touches on this project with the do-able goal of having NOTECARDS available (just barely) for Christmas! The details are very much up in the air.

Hopefully, I’ll have a PayPal button available on this website or another for the purpose.

And I feel certain there will be a store or two in Floyd, maybe one or two on the Parkway, and some place in Blacksburg and Roanoke that will stock them. But I have no specifics today.

Check back for updates, and email (see top of right sidebar for addy) to be put on the waiting list for this first (but not last?) set of Fragments From Floyd Notecards. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Idle Hands: Not!”

  1. PS You know #4 is my backyard. Joe and I were the ones who beeped at you while you were photographing this! I got a shot of it too, but yours is better.

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