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If Life Gives You Lemons, Carry Your iPhone

Earth and Sky: never the same, day to day, hour to hour

I had a couple of shots I wanted to post today. I discovered (of course, the morning was going along far too smoothly) that I can’t access images in my camera shot in Nikon Camera Raw format (NEF).

So instead, here’s an image with the iPhone from this morning’s loop around the pasture as the mist was rising and everything dripping with the remnants of yesterday’s frog-choker of a storm.

The dark, featureless quarter of the image just begged for a quote.

4 thoughts on “If Life Gives You Lemons, Carry Your iPhone”

  1. Just another reason to load Picasa, Fred. It lets you do quick adjustments to raw files and save them out as jpg’s without altering your original files…

  2. Will give it a look. I’ve found Picasa to be like iTunes: it wants to impose its own organizational scheme on my media, and I’m so habituated to the “way I’ve always done it” that it rubs me wrong.

  3. With both I’ve found a whip and stool will make them play the way I want them to…It’s just a matter of not letting them do their thing their way by changing some preferences.

  4. That’s a serene image of your loop around the pasture. Muir would be pleased by his occupation of the dark space.

    Technology. I lost my iPhone last weekend. Had failed to sync many pictures of which are now lost to its new owner (or the earth). I took it as a sign to slow down and, perhaps even, purge a bit–as well as to upgrade to Siri, whose now covered by insurance and tracking tools. (Yep, sometimes I still have to learn the hard way.)

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