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InDesign In Mind

I really really need a local face-time mentor to smooth out the ruts and roadblocks in Adobe InDesign CS3.

If things go as they did three years ago, I’m talking two or three 20 to 30 minute sessions where I do the Dope Slap. “Oh! Well if I’d known that, it would
have saved me these past four days of banging my head on the wall and cussing the software.”

I need somebody who can make my difficult look easy and send me on my way. Online is second choice to in the flesh but works for me.

For free or barter is nice. But we can talk fees if we talk soon.

Our representatives will be waiting by the phones for your call.
(Sorry, all out of Ginsu knife premiums but you will be allowed to pet
the dog if you work with me at home.)

3 thoughts on “InDesign In Mind”

  1. I’m too far away for an in-person lesson. I have used a book from Thomson/Delmar Learning titled Exploring InDesign CS3 by Terry Rydberg. It’s pretty helpful – especially with keyboard shortcuts. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Jane. Finding CS3 on the Mac a good bit different at first from CS2 on the PC.

    I’m wanting to do things efficiently so will mean working with text and paragraph styles.

    I have an online video on long documents and book creation in InDesign but it’s left me in the dust.

    Baby steps….

  3. I’m facing the same thing with CS4…all of it. Spending much time alternating between the mind consuming learning process and, for relief, mindless washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. I have very clean floors.

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