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Fragments from Floyd

Just Get’er Started…


Kids are funny, taking spells of shyness one time and unbridled unselfconsciousness and disinhibition the next. It’s hard to predict just what flips the switch.

The first thing that warmed Abby to the idea of being part of the Jamboree crowd a week ago tonight was “winning” the Country Store cap for being from the farthest away (South Dakota.)

But she would not dance–even though, at our son’s wedding exactly two years ago, we could not get her off the dance floor, and have the pictures to prove it.

Finally, she gave in, and sure enough, she turned herself loose to enjoy the infectious beat and collective motion of the dance.

More images (of the jamboree, the girls and last weekend) in this SmugMug gallery.

4 thoughts on “Just Get’er Started…”

  1. know what you mean… i picked up my boys at pre-school this week and one was running around with a play bridal veil on his head. no inhibitions.

  2. I love, love, love the photo of Abbey, coatless and barefoot looking at the ice in the early morning. I can feel her wonder – she’s beautiful as is the new little one. Happy Holidays – your blog still fills me with joy, too!

  3. Isn’t the Smugmug journal format the greatest! We post photos for our family and friends as we travel the US for months at a time. I think they really can enjoy our travelogue in that format, with captions, black background and just the right size photos for going through quickly.

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