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Last Call for Calendars

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I got the word yesterday that I will be able to go over to Christiansburg and pick up 100 calendars tomorrow. I have an opportunity Saturday in Wytheville to offer them for sale from available supply. Here’s where you come in.

If you indicated your interest a few weeks back but have not sent your order BUT INTEND TO,  please let me know in a comment here so I’ll have an idea of how many of the calendars are spoken for. Then you can send your order real soon. I’ll hold on to “reserved” copies for a few extra days on your notice.

I’m planning on getting received orders off this weekend.

Thanks, Wordsprint, for this opportunity to share views of our area with family and friends this holiday season!

8 thoughts on “Last Call for Calendars”

  1. Fred, I haven’t been reading your blog regularly, and I see here that you did put a calendar together. I’d like to order one, but don’t see the mentioned form. Or the price. Please let me know…

  2. I want 2 calendars if there are any left – why do I wait so late? How should I pay for these? I do keep up with you weekly if not daily. Love knowing the wonderful projects you have going. Your cuz

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