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Fragments from Floyd

Light and Dark

image copyright Fred First
Somehow, this yin and yang play of light on shadow seems fitting this morning.

In reading back over SRH for final edits these past weeks toward a second printing, I realize I used some terms or phrases more often than I would have thought. One such phrase when trying to express my feelings from this very time of year is “changing of gears” or something to do with the term “transmission”, this in the sense of the altered rhythms so palpable as days shorten past a unknowable magic number of hours into the pace of winter.

For the most part, on most chill mornings as I fire up the woodstove, I think it’s a beneficial change in focus that comes along starting about now, a healthy introspection leading slowly in the coldest days to a more accurate accounting of what’s been stored up, and of what remains.

2 thoughts on “Light and Dark”

  1. I agree, this time of year we ‘gear down’, and get ready for the ‘long haul’ of winter. After the activities and long days of summer, the cold and dark force us inside – inside the house, inside ourselves, hibernation.

  2. I like this photograph very much–it’s abstract and inviting. I like your processing. All the best with your new edition.

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