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Maple Morphology

IMG_4153THREESTRIPEDMAPLES480You might have seen the TWIGS post from last week that showed the two-lead-bud pattern of the Striped Maple (or Moosewood) that grows along the creeks.

Just two days later, this is what became of that tiny compressed and highly-ordered bit of biology packed inside those bud scales. The rate of expansion from the micro- to the macroscopic is impressive. Wonder what it would like like in time-lapse video?

The deeply-veined deeply-lobed finely-toothed leaves are one of my favorite spring patterns early on as the leaves emerge translucent, in shades of yellow and chartreuse.


2 thoughts on “Maple Morphology”

  1. Time lapse, please!
    Backlit leaves are my favorite thing to point out to my photographer husband. Beautiful photo.

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