Momma Mia!

Mia at three months and as many pounds
Mia at three months and as many pounds

This is Mia. She’s three months old and will stay in South Dakota with our grand daughters unless I can successfully smuggle her into my suitcase later today. (Please never mention to Tsuga that I have made this confession: I’m going to miss this little dog.)

I have fears that she is too small a specimen to survive her present duty intact, but she made it fine our our watch, so at least there’s that.

Does anybody have an idea if she’s a full breed or a mix, and if the latter, of what? I know it’s hard to tell from a picture, and pictures of her tend to be mere black blurs. This shot came from the final seconds before the warm sun sent her eyes closed and head dropping towards the carpet.

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  1. She looks like a mix to me…. hard to say without seeing more of her body, but from this photo I would guess Miniature Dachshund x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. That would put her adult weight around 12 pounds-ish, which seems reasonable for her current size. I doubt she will get bigger than that, anyway. Her nose is a bit too long and pointy for a Cavalier, but not long and pointy enough for a doxie… coloration could come from either breed… Is she somewhat short-legged and long backed? What does her tail look like, and is it carried low, or high? Whatever else she may be, she’s totally adorable!

  2. Tail is long and skinny held out straight. Legs seem to be long, and her paws are conspicously hairy. She’s definitely long of body but with spaniel ears. She is totally self-possessed and fearless and very gentle if persistently into trouble with her running and spinning, curiosity and need to explore. Her favorite perch is on your shoulder the second you sit down on the couch. Gee–I hope Tsuga doesn’t learn that trick!

  3. I immediately thought mini dachshund since their noses are generally shorter than a standard wienee’s. Of course I am a shameless dachshund obsessed individual so I see dachshunds everywhere! I heard tell there was one at a local rescue looking for a home if you’re really interested in a ‘minidog.’