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Fragments from Floyd

Monday Monday


This seems a fitting image to show on a Monday morning–the view from work one morning last week–a bucolic scene you’d scarcely believe is a wedge of countryside remaining between a monstrous hospital just off-image right and the world’s (or at least SW Virginia’s) most infamous interstate (81) to the left.

I clutched a little bit of beauty before heading into the clinic to spend 8 hours with patients and paperwork. It helped to have indulged senses and memory in a small moment of tranquility before starting my day. Maybe it will help you, too!

6 thoughts on “Monday Monday”

  1. Another exquisite photo of yours! And to think you saw this from work. Can you imagine all those folks who only see the tail lights in front of them on the way to work, caught in miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic, and when they do get to their destination, all they see is the cubicle wall…

    How fortunate you are to have this to look at on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing.

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