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Fragments from Floyd

They should provide callers with FLoyd-sized phone books to rip into shreds while listening to endless loops of musicoid sounds played underwater, followed by fiendishly-designed call trees:

“You have called to make changes to your Medicare Card. Please select one of the following choices to help us direct your call to the appropriate service:”

Say or Press 1 if you are five feet tall or less, or say or press 2 if your favorite color is magenta.

I am still listening to underwater Barry Manilow and have no more phone books, but they do regret that I’ve been holding for so long.

My call will be taken in the order in which it was received, which means the guy who called 36 hours ago will be first to experience the horror of being reconnected at last to the beginning of the endless loop.

You said “take this phone and shove it. Is that correct?”

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  1. Be thankful that you don’t have “service” from AT&T – there are no live Americans at AT&T – you will be directed to India (after navigating 5 levels of a telephone tree), where “Mary” or “Edith” will be happy to help you. And then, since you are a mere idiot, you will have to endure being asked stupid questions, because, after all, you are a moron and know nothing …

  2. You have my sympathy.

    Doesn’t help; but, it’s what I have to offer as I haven’t figured out either how to get around these things.

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