November Woods

image copyright Fred First
I recently read a short “review” of the book (a couple of sentences) that described the book as “breathy, ethereal, out of the body prose”. I don’t think this was a compliment. But I never expected to please everybody. Just myself, mostly. But even so, I’ll resist the temptation for a breathless description of this image from a year ago.

What I’ll do (completely unrelated to this image) is suggest that, when you’ve done with using your eyes here, go here and listen to Colleen Redman’s WVTF essay (airs today) on–of all things–blogging!

Colleen came reluctantly into this medium. I think it’s safe to say she’s here to stay. And we’re the better for it.

5 Replies to “November Woods”

  1. Your photographs compliment your writing and vise versa (images in words and pixels), which is why I was just a tad disappointed when I discovered your book had no pictures. BUT your words paint the pictures in my head, exercising the old noodle and using my imagination to make up my own pictures while reading your stories.

    Thanks for the link to hear Colleen on blogging, we are definitely the better for being able to read a daily dose of Colleen.

  2. Fred, I love the light through the fog and the fall colors.
    Colleen’s essay joined the others I’ve stashed to replay. It joins yours and Jim’s on my computer under Virginia Voices. It’s always great to put a voice to the voices we here when we read your blogs.
    Congrats on the nomination for the book.

  3. Fred, this photograph is sublime – those colours, the lacy foliage and the light coming through the trees.

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