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Fragments from Floyd

Odd Clouds Over FloydCo

Mammatus clouds over Floyd County

Admittedly, when you compare our tiny tatas to the buxom beauties over Hastings, Nebraska, they’re not terribly impressive.

Even so, this was the first time we’ve spotted mammatus clouds over Goose Creek–as usual, associated with a towering storm cloud whose rain, sadly, never reached us.

There are different ideas about how these sagging lumpy cotton-ball breasty clouds form but ice crystals sinking down below the bottom layer of an anviltop cloud seems to be part of the explanation.

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6 thoughts on “Odd Clouds Over FloydCo”

  1. It sounds like you’re experiencing a dry spring in your area again this year. So sorry to hear that.

    It was very dry here on the Eastern Shore of MD last year too, but fortunately so far this spring we’ve had plenty of rain.

    I hope that changes for your area soon, cause drought sure changes the landscape, that I intend to be photographing soon.

    Maybe I’ll do a little rain dance for you, now that I can! LOL!

  2. Well, WE won’t be doing any rain dances for you here in Missouri; we can’t handle the odds that the dance might misfire and dump even more rain on our soggy crops, cricks and yards. We are deluged here.

  3. I love your clouds! That is a great shot of them! Kerri told me about your blog and said you had some neat clouds and I agree. Glad I dropped by.

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