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On Second Thought, Maybe Not


Ann has always wished that Willie Nelson, the Readheaded Stranger, would come along some day and sweep her off feet, carry her away to exotic adventures on the road again. I’ve wished that too at times, but that’s beside the point.

Willie is coming to Roanoke. I thought I’d surprise her and get tickets. I just checked.

I think I’ll think again. Are you kidding? $461 a ticket?

All of me. Why not take all of me? I don’t have the money, honey. Willie, amigo, not this time around.

6 thoughts on “On Second Thought, Maybe Not”

  1. Fred, I feel your pain. My Sherry is, and always has been, an Eagles fan. When I saw they were coming to Houston and that AMEX was offering pre-public tickets a week in advance…Hey, her birthday was coming up.

    Went on-line and checked for two seats together the day they went on sale…Back of the house, nosebleed seats…$380 ea.

    I love my wife, but that seemed a bit excessive for two seats in a sports arena where the sound would probably suck and you would need binoculars to see the big screen much less the actual performers.

    Needless to say I passed…I’ll just watch the DVD.

  2. Fred:

    TicketsNow is a known ticket scalping agency that buys concert tickets in bulk and then sells them at super-inflated prices. The last time I checked, tickets for the concert are available through the Civic Center ticketing service for $55 each (and that includes orchestra).

    Why on earth would you resort to a scalper when seats are still available?

  3. It’s a fact: Willie tickets are $55. I was not surprised at hundreds of dollars per ticket, since we do that kind of thing about every 5 years and prices are always multiples of the last time we splurged. It’s a shame TicketsNow has such high placement in the search engines.

    Had there been any likelihood we would go, I’d have kept digging to find something more reasonable–and legitimate. A fool and his or her money…

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