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Pathetic and Home Alone


 It is one of those drizzmal days you both dread and look forward to–womb-like and tomb-like at the same time.

Ann left in a mental fog this morning and encountered the meteorological kind in the dark thinking it was only the potential of ice she’d encounter. Took her twice as long to find the hospital–literally find it–in the white-out.

So I’m home alone watching it rain (almost but not quite freezing); feeling guilty and determined to make the day count for something. Everything I need to do I don’t want to do. So how to get past that impasse and accomplish just one thing?

Reward yourself, Fred. If you complete the CEU on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (only one more to go by the end of year) then you can watch a movie on Netflix. Sounds reasonable, I say.

So here are a dozen I pulled over into Voodoopad from Netflix choices to PLAY NOW.

Help me decide: which one to watch now, which to save for some time this week to watch with Ann?

And anybody have any “must watch” choices for Netflix, either via mail or WATCH NOW? The IMDB has a “top rentals” page that is helpful but I’d be happy for ideas from you guys and gals.

I’m sure there will be more occasions to treat myself as I have so many unsavory chores to do. I’ll need a big one for reconciling the bank account. YuK.

7 thoughts on “Pathetic and Home Alone”

  1. Not available for instant watch, but we enjoyed Penelope:

    Danny Deckchair is pretty good as well.

    and Porco Rosso.

    That ought to be enough links to trigger the spam filters.

    Here’s one that’s pretty funny on instant watch: (the language is a bit much, but I guess that’s what you get these days.)

  2. The folks at Netflix don’t give you a whole lot of choices in the Watch Now category. I probably had more fun reading the movie descriptions than I would watching them–which at the present rate would have me seeing one of them before spring. For me this is the equivalent of reading a dime store novel on the plane–diverting, somewhat entertaining and in the end perhaps an image or phrase to recall for hours spent (reading or watching.)

  3. I’ve only seen a few of those movies. Widow’s Peak is probably best for watching with your wife. It’s slight and fluffy, but fun.

    “Drizzmal” is an excellent word!

  4. Watch “Bananas” with Ann. It’s too much fun to laugh with someone rather than alone. And I’m pretty sure you will both laugh. Woody was good and goofy way back then.

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