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Fragments from Floyd

Peace. And Order

Just a quick jot to tell you that a printable PhotoNoteCards AND/OR Slow Road Home order form is available for download and printing. I thought this might make the process easier for those interested in placing an order by mail.  Here’s the order form link.

I’m toying with the idea of signing up for some kind of “store front” access to stuff (especially as there comes to be more stuff) and also pay-by-credit-card ability.

It’s hard not to let the commerce of paying one’s way get in the way of saying one’s say. The Muse finds commercialism rather repugnant, but She does benefit from new and better ways to get the word and pixels out there.

The MAC fund creeps along. Hey, I just accumulated my first $5 as an Amazon Affiliate from the sidebar and in-text links. At this rate, I’ll clear 3-4 times that by this time next year! I think I won’t quit my day job–departure, by the way, looms within the hour.

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  1. I’m interested in the store front idea, in the not too distant future. Isn’t it possible to do both commerce and say what you want to say? Hope you’ll keep us informed, I’d be interested in hearing about your research and you’re solutions.

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