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Fragments from Floyd


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This is a deplorable situation: the only pictures I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks have been AT WORK!

Not to say that the D200 has not come in handy for physical therapy purposes; and walking around the gym with it hanging around my neck has been sorta cool–look at me! I’m working AND playing at the same time!

I’ve done this a half-dozen times now because my stick-man (or woman) figures of exercises are far past laughable. And patients can’t remember what’s on the menu just from the name of the exercise, though it seems to me that “butt lifts” and “knee flops” should be enough.

So I just set the camera on black & white, a low res image size, high ISO since grain won’t matter, and shutter priority at maybe 125, and snap away.

Then, in Photoshop, I select the folder images for Contact Sheet, 4 rows and 4 columns, and print–a copy for the patient, and one for their chart, a third for my files. Slicker than a month-old egg!

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  1. So cool! So you actually give the patient examples of how to do the exercises with THEM doing the exercises? Neato.

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