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Quilt of Many Colors

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

When my mom and my daughter’s family visited a few weeks back, Ann set us the task of creating a family quilt for baby Henry. Henry is home with a feeding tube, stable for now, too soon yet to know the extent of the developmental consequences of his very difficult birth.

But he needs the warmth of this quilt in the coming months–both the cloth of it and the care and love that went into its craft. This I know.

Love Taryn and Grannie, Abby, Holli, Mimi, Mike and Dumpa


7 thoughts on “Quilt of Many Colors”

  1. As I recently told Ann, we think about you everyday and you are always in our prayers. The quilt is beautiful and healing for the givers and the receivers. Thanks for posting an update, I’m sure all that follow this blog have been wondering about Henry’s progress.

  2. The quilt — and thoughts of its making, and makers — brings us joy. Henry will grow up loving it. Thanks to all Fragments readers for your prayers and well wishes for our boy. Henry’s doing great these days, and now is quilt-fortified!

  3. I loved seeing a glimpse inside your home, after so many years being restricted to the outside. Thanks for inviting us in!

  4. It amazes me sometimes, the strange gestalt of a quilt made out of love… How do simple threads become intertwined and then end up meaning so much? I know Henry will carry his beautiful “Binky” with him for many years, getting more tattered and dirty, and conversely, more loved every day! Thanks for sharing!

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