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Fragments from Floyd


I updated Thesis (Word Press Theme) and lost my prior design elements. Bummer. I hope I have the will and the energy to try to recover the status quo ante, but I dunno.

If it works, don’t fix it. But I had to do the upgrade. Hang tite, y’all, I may be offline for a while if it keeps throwing down the ice all night long. Be safe….– Fred

3 thoughts on “RE-organizing”

  1. I don’t know how thesis works, but, after a few weeks of thrahing around under the hood of my sites, I can empathize.

    Stupid question…Did you have a backup?

    The nice thing about the theme I am using is it puts all of the design stuff in the wp-options database. The only thing I have had to remember to do on upgrades is copy over the header images.

  2. It looked so (relatively) simple to upgrade. I feel sure that, after a required duration and intensity of suffering, things will sort themselves out. It’s just a matter of finding someone who actually knows what they’re doing vs yours truly who only pretends and gets in trouble every time. Keeps one humble, more or less.

  3. I upgraded my theme once and I won’t do it again. It took awhile to get everything back to the way I wanted it. But upgrades to WordPress are more necessary, it seems. If you fall too far behind, then new widgets don’t work and all manner of other nasties happen. Sigh. But then, when you upgrade, some of your current widgets don’t work – like my contact form, for instance. Double sigh ….

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