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Fragments from Floyd

Road Warrior

Soon we will be on the road and far more for the blogger than the sparse and fleeting blog readers I wanted to be able to post to Fragments. I am taking a bold step: I will leave the laptop and only carry the iPad on which I am writing this test post. It seems very slow and awkward, and is never easy to find the flow from anyplace other than my desk.

What might I need to blog about? I will give you the scoop later today or tomorrow.

Suffice it to say that this trip will be for family business, but it will also offer some family pleasure. Baby Henry has a new brother. There, I let the cat out of the bag.

9 thoughts on “Road Warrior”

  1. Wonderful news. I am very happy for your family and its new addition. I hope he will become another naturalist for his grandfather to explore with.

  2. We traveled for two months with just the iPad, and it’s a pretty nifty thing. We bought a $100 keyboard that doubles as a holder, and like that better than the touchscreen.

  3. Please pass along our greetings to Nate and his wife. We’re happy to hear that they are parents again…and that you and Ann are getting even more practice as grand-parents. So far we have only 1 grand-son (in GA) and 1 grand-daughter (in NY)…. both so far from south FL.

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