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Savants and The Genius Inside Us All

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London
A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do we all possess latent genius that is held captive by our brain’s left hemispheres? In many cases, either in childhood (congenital savant) or later in life (acquired savant or “paradoxical functional facilitation” by a blow or seizure or lightning) the damaged left brain “releases” musical or mathematical or artistic or poetic genius.

The intriguing question is: are such amazing skills and talents within each of us, and is there a way, short of a baseball beaner, to bring these talents to the surface?

Oh no. Here’s another storyline. Mad scientist perfects instant savants to order and a super-race is born. B-movie to follow.

Here are some links I read this morning on the topic, except I’ve saved “My Beautiful Brain” for watching this evening over dinner. Bon Appétit

â–º Genetic Memory: How We Know Things We Never Learned – Scientific American

â–º The ‘Acquired’ Savant–’Accidental’ Genius – Wisconsin Medical Society

â–º The Amazing Stories of 6 Sudden Savants | Mental Floss

â–º Accidental Genius: My Brilliant Brain | Watch Documentaries Online | Promote Documentary Film

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