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Fragments from Floyd

Sea Change Coming (Audio Version)

“To reach the distant shore of an uncertain future, we can’t just do what we’ve always done. As this tsunami of change comes to our here and now, we can float like flotsam or sink like a stone; but if we will set our minds to do so, we will paddle for all we’re worth and the flow of change will transform us for a future fit for living.”

This is the last paragraph of an essay I’ll post in its entirety before long. Until then, indulge me: I just got my new digital recorder yesterday and had to play with it.

You can listen (I hope) to this 4 minute piece on CHANGE by clicking the link.

3 thoughts on “Sea Change Coming (Audio Version)”

  1. Nice…You have no idea how this essay touched where I find myself this week…Routines disrupted, no replacements even envisioned yet…Change is happening, ready or not.

    I enjoyed the audio…Stay warm.

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