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Xmas Special

I finally made a decision: to save only 6 of the first edition copies of Slow Road Home. That means I have about 20 to offer to a good home. Once they’re gone, there won’t be any more. Heck, if you hold on to your first edition copy, someday this $15.95 copy will be worth…well, it’s more about the fact that this was the birth clothes for SRH, complete with the little freckles and warts that give our offspring their unique character and charm.

And for a limited time, for $20 I’ll send a signed copy of the book and the Blue Ridge Autumn set of notecards to you or a designated recipient. I’ll pay shipping and tax to boot! Whatta deal!

I’ll have more sets of Blue Ridge Back Roads coming in a week or so, so if you’ve already ordered that set and haven’t received your package from me yet, I apologize. The print shop is getting some new equipment late November that will do an even better job of rendering the images with good sharpness and color. So when I ran into the owner at the Barnes and Noble event a few weeks back, I told him to wait for the run until the new machine was in place. Soon and very soon!

Please note that this offer is only good for this combination of book and notecards, and I can’t make substitutions this time around.

I’ve put this image in the sidebar until New Years. It will send you to the info about ordering. Please print the page with the order form, just add “Xmas Special” and the number you want (limit 3 per customer, please.) I’ll get the parcel off to your designated address in 48 hours or less.

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