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Fragments from Floyd

Signs and Wonders


Hokey Smoke–what’s THAT!?

I happened to glance up and was startled to see this overhead. Of course we live way out and have very dark night skies. This is for real! I ran to grab my camera and capture it so you would believe me when I told you about what I had seen. Amazing! Click to enlarge. I’ll post an explanation later today as an UPDATE regarding this phenomenon.

UPDATE: Okay. I’m full of blarney. True, I did look up and see this. True, I was at first shocked. But it was INSIDE the house that this appeared in the sky(light) as the snow began to melt and the sky show through in this odd pattern that looks to me like a frozen planarian. But then, I have a warped and twisted imagination influenced by 30 years of biology watching and may too many Gary Larsen cartoons.

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  1. That was interesting! pretty! The roughly parallel lines at the top and bottom made me think it was something man made somehow; and cosmic too.

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