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Silverwashed Fritillary: Among the Last of ’08


So soon will end the year of insects (and none too soon for many of you who perhaps don’t share my love of the entomological intricacies and beauties close to my window).

Here, a pair of cooperative butterflies–perhaps over the course of the summer, the most common lepidopt of our valley. While most images will show them in their more typical wings-wide pose from above, you cannot see from that perspective the markings for which they were named.

And although I tried for quite a while and a dozen or more shots, I did not capture the metallic flash of their underwing spots that shine like polished silver. (These two are on the ONE lilac colored spray out of a hundred on an otherwise WHITE butterfly bush.)

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3 thoughts on “Silverwashed Fritillary: Among the Last of ’08”

  1. Once again, lovely photo. I thought the silver wash was darn well illustrated, but if you have seen it more strikingly, I hope you will be able to photograph it for us, too.

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