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Fragments from Floyd

still running on floyd time

Road blogging on the tiny ipad screen, finally at last in a comfortable place that has wireless Internet–the quinault lake lodge lobby, waiting on the restaurant to open at 8, increasingly remembering that this will be 11 o’clock, virginia tummy-time.

Been great trip. The weather has been remarkable. I havent even needed my new goretex parka once. I’ve snagged a few touristy shots along the way, enough to keep as reminders of the places we have passeod through, if not in any real sense, been.

I am feeling like an image of me, photoshopped against some lovely scenery that might as well be an elaborate stage set, seen from a great distance, without a clue what exists behind it. It makes it easier that the tourism on the Olympic peninsula is centered on the genuine features of mountains and forest and glacial river–except for the shameless excess driven by the Twilight movie set here. Forks was especially gaggy in this regard.

I’m not going to make it til eight. I think I’ll go forage for wild edibles to sustain me until my expensive egg and bacon that will, for all practical purposes be my lunch. I’m hopelessly bound to Floyd time, even here.

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  1. Oh Lake Quinalt! What a beautiful place. We stayed in a campground right on the water there. Sorry to hear Forks is a mess. I have happy memories from there of a personal tour of a tiny forestry museum by a great old docent. We miraculously hit great weather too, but it was fall, and the best time weather-wise. You really did get a miracle.

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